Saturday, October 15, 2011

Crit Clinique - 01

Asalam Sem6,

as mentioned before, lecturers are available for students to see during weekend. For this week, lecturers involved in crit clinique are:

En. Amir - 15 Oct 2011 ( Sat ) CaddLab 10am - 12pm

Dr. Zainal Azhar - 16 Oct 2011 ( Sun ) Cisec Campus A 10am - 12pm

Please call to comfirm your appointment with lecturers.

thank you

Friday, October 14, 2011

TEST 01 - individual progress

Morning guys...

as being mentioned by en Yusri, U guys need to submit your individual progress on Monday not late that 12.00pm. this submission is actually a test for individual mark. this test will differentiate mark/grade between one student with another. so even though U are in a same Firm, doesn't mean that u will get the same grade as what your friends get.

more works/progress u done meaning more marks u will get. but please guys....don't submit rubbish as ur test coz it will surely goes into a dustbin in our office. make it nicely as u arrange it, put some clip/bind/tape, make a front cover and etc2. before u done it, here are the things dat u need to take a look at it:-

- what should i put in this progress A3 test/report?
- what kind of progress dat lecturer want to see?
- which project dat should be in this report?
- some say manual but some say computer..may i do both?
- is it in writing format, drawings, sketches, pictures, boards presentation...

so guys...hurry up & dont waste a time. as time goes by, u are already left behind. so start ur work when u done read this OK..


Thursday, October 13, 2011

~Jangan Submit Lagi~ (JSL-02-versi risau)

Asalam Sem 6,
inilah kita di Bilik B33 Blok JKA kampus A....mmg kurang selesa spt di studio namun kerja perlu diteruskan. Situasi pembangunan dan renovasi di kampus B sedikit sebanyak menganggu momentum student apatah lagi di penghujung semester bila dateline projek makin hampir.Saya dan lecturer lain berharap student dapat cope dgn situasi ini dan kami berdoa agar anda dapat melaksanakan tugas dan kerja dengan lancar despite all the trouble we faced along this semester.
okay, back to the end of design class last wednesday we were VERY worry about most of the firms' progress individually as well as in group. Some firms even didnt resolve the main layout plan...resulting other members just 'GOYANG KAKI' doing nuthing the whole session.This is disturbing as time is NOT in your favour anymore.While some firms has advanced to individual stage,still there were few of you who thought that individual works means just INSERTING furnitures into floor plans!!
sorry but that's not the way a designer works.
What you should do is to IMAGINE how the space functions and how you (as the user) uses the how you want the interior looks like...consider the choices of finishes to be used ~ floor pattern,column design etc. according to the firm theme and BDI.
And also include the ByLaws & services - A/C, lightings, sewerage, plumbing, watertanks, Fire fighting requirements-max. travel distance, hosereel compartment,Risers (telephone/electrical/plumbing) ~ dont forget...these things should be included in SEM 6 PROJECT!!
as the dateline getting nearer and nearer, we should see good consistent progress.....but ONLY if you all can commit and focus on your works for just a few weeks lets work together as a team and give 110% attention to Boutique Hotels....2 more weeks to go to dateline....
We shall include your success in our prayer....

Saturday, October 8, 2011

~Jangan Submit Lagi~ (JSL-01)

tinggal lagi 3 minggu utk anda menyediakan design utk boutique hotel.masa semakin suntuk dan anda perlu fokus utk memastikan kerja dapat disiapkan dalam tempoh yg ditetapkan.di bawah ada beberapa komen dr saya secara general.
a. Unresolved Design : masih ada firm yg tidak resolve spatial arrangement based on BDI & SOA - perlu diselesaikan BY NEXT WEEK!! LD perlu proaktif dan lead firma dgn baik serta buat decision yg wajar setelah berbincang dgn ahli kumpulan berkenaan dgn susunatur ruang hotel.delegatekan tugas design ruang antara ahli dan on Monday revise design sehingga siap
b. Main Structural Grid System - hotel anda should have proper grid system for columns and beams. biasanya grid system adalah 4m hingga 8m bergantung pada design. Semak semula design hotel dgn memasukkan grid yg sesuai dan selaraskan ruang mengikut grid tersebut.
c. Interior Spaces Design - next week hotel anda should have proper interior design based on functions. no more empty boxy spaces in your hotels..we want to see detail design on every spaces. LD must delegate works among members and pls coordinate your firm well. For some good examples you can refer inputs by enSid last semester which are very helpfull...check it!!
d. Services - next week we want to see hotel layouts with services considerations i.e TNB substation, aircond,watertanks,sewerage, pumproom,lifts etc.these items should be allow in your designs based on your Topical Studies.
e. UBBL/Bomba - make sure you check requirements from authorities i.e ramp gradient,max. travel distance for fire escape,setbacks etc.
f. Crit Session - pls make sure you have proper drawing when having crit with lecturers.pls print out your drawings so we can scribble onto your design.
that's all for now.See you guys next week hopefully with a significant design progress...

Monday, October 3, 2011

Polytechnic designFEST (PdF)

Salam Semua,

Lama sudah kita tidak berjumpa dan berbincang di blog ini. Harap ianya akan terus maju dengan banyak lagi informasi terkini rekacipta, insyallah coming soon!

Untuk kali ini, saya ingin mengucapkan terima kasih kepada semua yang terlibat dalam penyertaan PdF dan harap dialog yang di adakan itu membantu semua, terutama SEM06.

Keep blogging...