Tuesday, November 22, 2011

~Design Port Folio Review~

asalam sem6,
as you all already know, our portfolio review will be held on 24th Nov 2011 this thursday.As mentioned before, it will be in the format of interview...similar to the process you all will be encountered later when applying for jobs.
the portfolio will be reviewed by 3 panels consist of 2 lecturers each:
Panel A : Wira , Think Green , Kongsi , Buloh at Studio 6A
Panel B : Creads , Sevarch , Limitless , Fanz at Studio 6B
Panel C : FH , MDA , Dream Studio , Krakasa at Studio 5 aka 'the Oven'
each student will be interviewed INDIVIDUALLY to see the performance throughout the semester. the panels will look into several kriterias such as technical knowledge,design understanding,aptitude and attitude.
the schedule are as below:
8am - 9am = Preparation of Exhibition - group & individual works
9am - 12.30pm = Interview Session
12.30 - 2.30pm = Break
2.30 - 4.00pm = Interview Session (cont)
4pm- 4.30pm = Conclusion
so be prepared... COME EARLY to arrange your work in each studio....get ready with all documents & drawings...redo/repair/upgrade according to comments during the entire semesters.
All drawings must be in A3 size with relevant documents nicely arranged in your individual file.this should include all design process drawings which youre involved.
get a haircut...make sure your dress nicely ironed...polish up your shoes...the key point here is to make your self PRESENTABLE and look CONFIDENT

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Well Done but lets move on!

Salam SEM06,

Well done to all of the Firms involved in the final presentation. Our Industrial Academic Partner, SDP, gave positive comments to most of your work so you should be happy with your achievement. However, the journey is not over. Portfolio is your last bridge to cross before graduating from PUO Architecture program.

Please refer to the following posting for all relevant inquiries concerning the PORTFOLIO: 15 and 26th April 2011 (Klik sini untuk tengok Archive)

More info coming soon


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Persuasion Phase is Here!

Salam everyone!

I guess its time to persuade the clients with your best presentation techniques. Be clear with your communication and let the clients understand your design. Let your drawings and models speak for you!


Saturday, October 15, 2011

Crit Clinique - 01

Asalam Sem6,

as mentioned before, lecturers are available for students to see during weekend. For this week, lecturers involved in crit clinique are:

En. Amir - 15 Oct 2011 ( Sat ) CaddLab 10am - 12pm

Dr. Zainal Azhar - 16 Oct 2011 ( Sun ) Cisec Campus A 10am - 12pm

Please call to comfirm your appointment with lecturers.

thank you

Friday, October 14, 2011

TEST 01 - individual progress

Morning guys...

as being mentioned by en Yusri, U guys need to submit your individual progress on Monday not late that 12.00pm. this submission is actually a test for individual mark. this test will differentiate mark/grade between one student with another. so even though U are in a same Firm, doesn't mean that u will get the same grade as what your friends get.

more works/progress u done meaning more marks u will get. but please guys....don't submit rubbish as ur test coz it will surely goes into a dustbin in our office. make it nicely as u arrange it, put some clip/bind/tape, make a front cover and etc2. before u done it, here are the things dat u need to take a look at it:-

- what should i put in this progress A3 test/report?
- what kind of progress dat lecturer want to see?
- which project dat should be in this report?
- some say manual but some say computer..may i do both?
- is it in writing format, drawings, sketches, pictures, boards presentation...

so guys...hurry up & dont waste a time. as time goes by, u are already left behind. so start ur work when u done read this OK..


Thursday, October 13, 2011

~Jangan Submit Lagi~ (JSL-02-versi risau)

Asalam Sem 6,
inilah kita di Bilik B33 Blok JKA kampus A....mmg kurang selesa spt di studio namun kerja perlu diteruskan. Situasi pembangunan dan renovasi di kampus B sedikit sebanyak menganggu momentum student apatah lagi di penghujung semester bila dateline projek makin hampir.Saya dan lecturer lain berharap student dapat cope dgn situasi ini dan kami berdoa agar anda dapat melaksanakan tugas dan kerja dengan lancar despite all the trouble we faced along this semester.
okay, back to bisness....at the end of design class last wednesday we were VERY worry about most of the firms' progress individually as well as in group. Some firms even didnt resolve the main layout plan...resulting other members just 'GOYANG KAKI' doing nuthing the whole session.This is disturbing as time is NOT in your favour anymore.While some firms has advanced to individual stage,still there were few of you who thought that individual works means just INSERTING furnitures into floor plans!!
sorry but that's not the way a designer works.
What you should do is to IMAGINE how the space functions and how you (as the user) uses the space...plus how you want the interior looks like...consider the choices of finishes to be used ~ floor pattern,column design etc. according to the firm theme and BDI.
And also include the ByLaws & services - A/C, lightings, sewerage, plumbing, watertanks, Fire fighting requirements-max. travel distance, hosereel compartment,Risers (telephone/electrical/plumbing) ~ dont forget...these things should be included in SEM 6 PROJECT!!
as the dateline getting nearer and nearer, we should see good consistent progress.....but ONLY if you all can commit and focus on your works for just a few weeks more...so lets work together as a team and give 110% attention to Boutique Hotels....2 more weeks to go to dateline....
We shall include your success in our prayer....

Saturday, October 8, 2011

~Jangan Submit Lagi~ (JSL-01)

tinggal lagi 3 minggu utk anda menyediakan design utk boutique hotel.masa semakin suntuk dan anda perlu fokus utk memastikan kerja dapat disiapkan dalam tempoh yg ditetapkan.di bawah ada beberapa komen dr saya secara general.
a. Unresolved Design : masih ada firm yg tidak resolve spatial arrangement based on BDI & SOA - perlu diselesaikan BY NEXT WEEK!! LD perlu proaktif dan lead firma dgn baik serta buat decision yg wajar setelah berbincang dgn ahli kumpulan berkenaan dgn susunatur ruang hotel.delegatekan tugas design ruang antara ahli dan on Monday revise design sehingga siap
b. Main Structural Grid System - hotel anda should have proper grid system for columns and beams. biasanya grid system adalah 4m hingga 8m bergantung pada design. Semak semula design hotel dgn memasukkan grid yg sesuai dan selaraskan ruang mengikut grid tersebut.
c. Interior Spaces Design - next week hotel anda should have proper interior design based on functions. no more empty boxy spaces in your hotels..we want to see detail design on every spaces. LD must delegate works among members and pls coordinate your firm well. For some good examples you can refer inputs by enSid last semester which are very helpfull...check it!!
d. Services - next week we want to see hotel layouts with services considerations i.e TNB substation, aircond,watertanks,sewerage, pumproom,lifts etc.these items should be allow in your designs based on your Topical Studies.
e. UBBL/Bomba - make sure you check requirements from authorities i.e ramp gradient,max. travel distance for fire escape,setbacks etc.
f. Crit Session - pls make sure you have proper drawing when having crit with lecturers.pls print out your drawings so we can scribble onto your design.
that's all for now.See you guys next week hopefully with a significant design progress...

Monday, October 3, 2011

Polytechnic designFEST (PdF)

Salam Semua,

Lama sudah kita tidak berjumpa dan berbincang di blog ini. Harap ianya akan terus maju dengan banyak lagi informasi terkini rekacipta, insyallah coming soon!

Untuk kali ini, saya ingin mengucapkan terima kasih kepada semua yang terlibat dalam penyertaan PdF dan harap dialog yang di adakan itu membantu semua, terutama SEM06.

Keep blogging...


Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Salam Sem06,

BDI is here! This is the most creative phase of the project.

For this phase, PLEASE study and analize the data that you have collected. Based on them, divide your firm into 2 sub-firms and each sub-firm is to propose a design. Presentation Requirements are to be presented on 2 (two) A1 boards as follows:

First A1 Board:
- A short summary of your site analysis
- Name your Hotel and design a logo
- Propose a boutique Hotel concept
- Early Schematics (Site Plan (1 plan), Plans (2 plans), Elevations(2) and Sections(2))

Second A1 Board:
- Artist Impression (2 interior and 2 exterior perspectives). Click here to see samples.

Each sub-firm will compete with each other by presenting their ideas to the clients (Tutors and SDP). The Best Design Idea will be the chosen concept to be implemented by your firm later. Let the ideas flow!

Best of Luck ......

.... and of course from all of us at DesignersPUO-Architecture, Selamat Hari Raya (SHR) or Happy Eid Mubarak to all of you!

DrN, Hj.Z, Yusri , Amirr, Azmi & Latifah

Monday, August 22, 2011

THE MORNING SHOW: Speaker's Corner

Assalam sem 6,

Last friday (19th August) was the 1st performance by Dream Studio for our Speaker's Corner session. it was quite entertaining with morning tazkirah and a nice poetic song (indonesian song i believe..).

As mentioned earlier, speaker's corner is a platform for students to express themselves positively and hopefuly it will be a good culture in the future.it is also a 'break' session for students... as works are piling up and more assignments to be done,there should be a method to release the preassure a bit...

in the speaker's corner students can sing, recite poems,perform a scene or just babbling away on whatever install in the heart and mind...as long as its good and entertaining with a nice massage behind the performance. so,no headbanging concerts allowed ok...

so we can't wait for the next performances starting this wednesday by Sevarch,FH,Kongsi Design Group,Wyra,Buloh,Kracasa,Fanz,Think Green,Limitless,MDA and lastly Creads.

Enjoy preparing for the performance...

Thursday, August 18, 2011

SDP'S General comments

Dear all,

As per our previous site analysis crit session held with SDP,(10th Aug) these are among
general comments given by them.

1. Lack of data collection- to get thorough findings. (Revisited have been conducted)
2. Always cross check with authority's requirement, and try to fulflill their needs.
3. Do consume and apply technical and architectural terms in your presentation.
4. To later on recounter on your space requirement in order to get you 'Boutique' done.
5. Finally...if you are confused with the term boutique...stick to this principle.
"Function maintains as a 'hotel'...Character maintains as 'boutique'.

Last but not least...be well prepared for the upcoming site analysis presentation with SDP.

Bonne Chance....(good luck!!)


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Raya Shoes!

Salam everyone,

This year's Hari Raya Shoes!


Saturday, August 6, 2011

Perbincangan 2: Maksud 'Boutique'

Salam Sem06,

Boutique hotel telah dipilih sebagai projek utama Senireka Sem06 kali ini. Sambil merancang dan melaksanakan projek ini, mari kita bincang seketika mengenai maksud BOUTIQUE/ BUTIK dari sudut pandangan dan penyelidikan saudara/saudari semua.

Tarikh Tamat perbincangan : 20 Ogos 2011

Selamat berkongsi pendapat


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

From Taiping with Love!

Salam Sem06,

I know that all of you are busy with your first project - reHUB. So good luck and give your best!

Have fun this weekend in K.Kangsar and Taiping. Ask the locals why the term From Taiping with Love is popular there?


Saturday, July 23, 2011

Boutique Hotel - The Brief

Salam Sem06,

Here is the Brief:

The lodging industry since the beginning of the 21th century had focused on brand selling hotel names such as Holiday Inn, Hilton, Marriott, Sheraton Hotels etc to cater to travelers who prefer the traditional concept of a hotel, i.e. : a lodging accommodation for travelers.

Since then a new breed of travelers have evolved in which accommodation is no longer their only concern, these travelers want to be ‘surprised’. When planning their trips, these travelers seek hotels that are somewhat different in character (look and feel) from branded hotels. These B-hotel seekers consider themselves to be highly fashionable and hip.

You and your FIRM are required to fulfill the following requirements;

  • To carry out and effectively present appropriate research on Boutique Hotels - Under the guidance of your tutor, you and your FIRM are required to carry out and effectively present all related research information required to complete this project.
  • To carry out site analysis of selected site and effectively present findings - Under the guidance of your tutor, you and your FIRM are required to carry out the required analysis of the chosen site. Presentation of these findings must be effectively delivered.
  • To design a boutique hotel on a selected site with the following basic space requirements - Administrative Area; Accommodation Area (25-30 rooms of various types); Food preparation areas; F&B consumption area/s; Boutique-themed area, etc; - Under the guidance of your tutor, you and your FIRM are required to design a boutique hotel based on your own SOA, chosen site and a predetermined working schedule (see appendix A)
  • To prepare a topical report of a predetermined design area - Under the guidance of your tutor, you are required to complete a topical report of a chosen area of interest. This is an A4 size book type report that compiles your findings and its usage in your design.
  • To effectively communicate the design to prospective ‘clients’ - Under the guidance of your tutor, you and your FIRM are communicate all your design ideas and suggestions via any appropriate media.
  • To work collaboratively and independently in solving problems - Under the guidance of your tutor, you and your FIRM are required to work collaboratively in solving problems related to all phases of the design process
  • To manage and carry out group and individual learning - Under the guidance of your tutor, you and your FIRM are required to plan and carry out your own learning scheme to fit your area of interest.

Date of Commencement 02/08/11
Date of Submission 31/10/11

Best of Luck, Let the creativity flow


Saturday, July 16, 2011

Perbincang 1: Think Like a Designer!

Salam SEM06,

Baca dan bincang mengenai perkara dibawah. Markah bonus akan diberi pada mereka2 yang memberi pandangan/soalan/komen. Tarikh tutup perbincangan adalah 27/07/11.

OK, Something here for all of us who enjoys doing design:. I found this 10 rules on the web and you can download them if you like from:
Click on the "Think like a designer" slide to see the 10 tips in slide format on Slideshare.net — feel free to use them if you like.)

The 10 rules are as follows:

(1) Embrace constraints Constraints and limitations are wonderful allies and lead to enhanced creativity and ingenious solutions that without constrains never would have been discovered or created. ...There's no point complaining about constraints such as time, money, tools, etc. Your problem is what it is. How can you solve it given the resources and time that you have? (Gunakan apa yang ada untuk menyelesaikan masalah)

(2) Practice restraint. Any fool can be complicated and add more, it takes discipline of mind and strength of will to make the hard choices about what to include and what to exclude. The genius is often in what you omit or leave on the editing room floor. (Sering kali kita nak masukkan semua yang kita fikirkan dalam design kita, jangan overdo!)

(3) Adopt the beginner's mind. Designers understand the need to take risks, especially during early explorations of the problem. They are not afraid to break with convention. Good designers are open minded and comfortable with ambiguity early on in the process, this is how discoveries are made. (open mind)

(4) Check your ego at the door. This is not about you, it's about them (your audience, customer, patient, student, etc.). Look at the problem from their point of view -- put yourself in their shoes. This is not easy, it takes great amounts of empathy. Get in touch with your empathetic side. (Pentingkan pengguna rekabentuk anda dan bukan diri sendiri)

(5) Focus on the experience of the design. It's not the thing, it's the experience of the thing. This is related to #4 above: Put yourself in their shoes. How do people interact with your solution? (Selalu bertanya bagaimana orang ramai akan menggunakan rekabentuk anda)

(6) Become a master storyteller. Often it's not only the design — i.e., the solution to a problem — that is important, but the story of it. This is related to #5 above. What's the meaning of the solution? (Pastikan anda dapat menceritakn penyelesaian yang anda rekakan untuk orang ramai dengan jelas)

(7) Think communication not decoration. Design — even graphic design — is not about beautification. Design is not just about aesthetics, though aesthetics are important. More than anything, design is about solving problems or making the current situation a little better than before. Design is not art, though there is art in design. (Rekabentuk adalah sebenar penyelesaian kepada satu masalah, bukan hanya mencantikkan rekabentuk anda)

(8) Obsess about ideas not tools. Tools are important and necessary, but they come and go as better tools come along. Obsess instead about ideas. Though most tools are ephemeral, some of your best tools are a simple pencil and sketch pad. These are often the most useful — especially in the early stages of thinking — because they are the most direct. Good advice is to go analog in the beginning with the simplest tools possible.(Idea itu penting, bukan penggunaan teknologi semata-mata)

(9) Clarify your intention. Design is about choices and intentions, it is not accidental. Design is about process. The end user will usually not notice "the design of it." It may seem like it just works, assuming they think about it at all, but this ease-of-use (or ease-of-understanding) is not by accident, it's a result of your careful choices and decisions.(Fokus kepada masalah yang hendak diatasi)

(10) Sharpen your vision & curiosity and learn from the lessons around you. Good designers are skilled at noticing and observing. They are able to see both the big picture and the details of the world around them. Humans are natural pattern seekers; be mindful of this skill in yourself and in others. Design is a "whole brain" process. You are creative, practical, rational, analytic, empathetic, and passionate. Foster these aptitudes.(Pemerhatian itu penting kepada para designer)

OK, itu dia sepuluh perkara yang dikatakan penting untuk para designer. Saya tahu 10 perkara ini mungkin rumit untuk difahami. Walaubagaimanapun, Apa pendapat anda semua? Setuju/Tidak Setuju dengan 10 perkara ini??? Bincang/komen/pendapat???


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Rehub - Brief & Schedule of Work

As salam sem 6,

Attached herewith pls find the project brief and schedule of work for your own reference. pls arrange your time properly and try to enjoy the learning process...

Have Fun..!!!!

Transforming REHub

Salam SEM06,

Above is a rough idea of REHub. Transformation, Flexibility, Transportability, Practicality and Beauty are vital elements in your design.

Lets Roll Out!

Questions, Comment? BM BI??


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The FIRM: First Class

Salam Sem06,

Welcome to the FIRM!

First of all, let me begin by congratulating all of you for making it to the final sem. This semester is going to be another interesting time for us as there are mind blowing plans in store for our design class.

Yes, THE FIRM is back, with improvisations and a more focused approach. This also means that you will be working in firm-like groups of 7 or 8 members, so start practicing your collaborative skills. SDP, our architect's firm partner, has again agreed to assist us in ensuring that our graduates are industry approved but more of that later...

There are two projects in mind. The first one is a mini get up and go Transformers Rescue Hub and the other project (main project) is a 20 - 30 room Boutique Hotel. Below is an image of a Boutique Hotel in Beijing called the G Hotel. Start doing research on B type of Hotels.

So again, Welcome to the FIRM! Welcome to transformation, time to change your thinking from mere students to future employees!

The FIRM: First Class is on 11th July 2011 at the Dataran Senibina PUO.

Till Then


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

2 Weeks to go!

Salam Everyone,

Hope to be seeing you soon. SEM6 design has 80 students and we will be stationed at a new placed come next July. Get ready for a wild ride and be prepared to work hard. See you soon!


Friday, June 10, 2011

designFEST 2011 - THEME

Salam Semua,

The workshop will include the following competition:

Photography Competitions; Digital Natives Competitions; Mural ART Competition; Design&Build Competition; Sketching Competition and Technical ART Competition.

Keep on Blogging, more info to come soon...