Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Design Test: e.g. idea development & informational sketches

Here are some of the example of how to present your ideas and sketches.

Example: Sectional model

Shown here is an acceptable sectional model:

Example: layout plan

Shown here are the least acceptable plan:

The Design Test: Submisson Requirements

Test 1: Ideas & Interpretation

Base on your own research you have to produce:

1. Plan(s) of your own space component with furniture layout ( You are allowed to propose more than ONE idea);

2. Section(s): X-X and Y-Y

3. Elevation(s)/ Facade(s) if any to compliment your perspective

4. Perspective (Minimum 3 perspective for each proposal either interior and/or exterior)

5. Detailing to show joints and materials (Minimum 3 details)

You are free to determine the scale of each drawing as long as it is easy to understand and read.

Completed work is to compile in A3 paper bonded properly. Remember, this test will represent your strengths and weaknesses but try to minimize your weaknesses. All the best! Insyaallah...

Submission: 28 February 2011 before 10.00am.

I apologize for the delayed...

The Design Test: Learning Requirements

Salam Sem6,

As you already know next Monday (28/2) is the Design Test submission. Please be sure that you take the following issues into consideration before submiting your work. I will explaned what I mean with an example. Lets say you are designing a HOTEL LOBBY:

  1. You MUST prove your design ideas by the Research that you did. Find several lobby layouts and try to learn from them. Question to yourself, What is my Lobby design all about?; What are my layouts proposals based on? What technical issues must be learnt regarding a Lobby?...etc. Please make sure that you LEARN something from your research and have applied it to your designs. Submit your reseach material and show what you learned from them. Do not send in research that are not based on some research and thinking.

  2. Design your lobby based on your research. Please provide several proposals. Show how your lobby functions as a space that joins the main enterance to the theature (example). Ask youself questions like why should my lobby be double volume? Why is my lobby lit naturally by day? Is my lobby confusing to use? What technical information should I know regarding the lobby design?, etc

  3. Show your designs clearly and please use the correct graphic communication techniques. Communicate your design ideas through plans; sections; elevation (if applicable) and perspectives. Communication is the KEY. Questions to ask yourself; Have I communicated my ideas effectively? Can people understand my ideas with me talking about them? Have I used the corrected techniques for communication?...etc

So there are four (4) things that you need to prove on monday:

  • You can do research and learn from them,

  • You can do design that is based on your research,

  • You can use effective graphic communication skills to communicate your ideas.

  • You can think and solve problems
All the best for Monday's submission. Remember you MUST submit by 10am to be qualified for evaluation.

Good Luck


Thursday, February 24, 2011

Peer Assessment

Salam Sem06,

Kawan Nilai Kawan! - itulah yang dimaksudkan dengan Peer Assessment.

Seperti yang dijanjikan, satu sessi menilai kerjasama kumpulan (antara ahli firma anda sahaja) akan di adakan pada hari Jumaat/Isnin nanti. Kami akan mengedarkan borang2 nya dan anda dikehendaki menilai kawan/ahli Firma anda mengikut kriteria2 berikut:

  1. Sumbangan
  2. Kualiti Kerja
  3. Pengurusan Masa
  4. Penyelesaian Masalah
  5. Sikap
  6. Fokus Terhadap Tugasan
  7. Persediaan
  8. Penghargaan
  9. Pemantauan Bekerjasama Kumpulan
  10. Kerjasama dengan ahli kumpulan
Penerangan yang lebih jelas akan di beri pada hari Jumaat nanti. Sila menilai dengan sejujur mungkin berdasarkan pengalaman dalam firma masing-masing. Markah anda adalah SULIT (rahsiakan dari kawan!) dan markah anda juga akan mempengaruhi markah keseluruhan kawan anda. Ini bukan masa untuk membantu/menjatuhkan kawan tetapi gunakanlah ia untuk menilai sikapnya sebagai team player.

Borang itu juga akan memberi peluang untuk ANDA menilai diri ANDA sendiri!



Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Your Countdown has Begun!

Salam Sem06,

Masa semakin sempit dan banyak lagi tugasan2 yang lain yang perlu diselesaikan. Senireka kali ini memerlukan sikap kerja yang berlainan, kualiti kerja yang berlainan dan disiplin diri yang berlainan. Pastikan anda semua memahami tujuan projek kali ini dan tahu tugas masing2., kalau tidak- ada yang akan gagal atau cara tradisional akan kembali!

Think about it; Give your best!
This is The Final Countdown!


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Yau Tet Shin Market a.k.a Bazar Bulat THEN, NOW AND FUTURE

28 comments to Ipoh’s ‘Round Market’

  1. antiquelad
    April 2nd, 2010 at 2:37 am

    yes i use to frequent the shops for sports items , the round market was very famous for these kind of shops those days..

  2. felicia
    April 2nd, 2010 at 3:38 am

    Hi Antiquelad. I wonder where these traders are now?

  3. Othman
    April 2nd, 2010 at 6:56 am

    I used to buy the LP record in one of the Music shop on the 1st floor. Trying to recall the shop’s name.

  4. ganesh
    April 3rd, 2010 at 1:27 pm

    my primary school days, I am there always for scouts uniform and school bags. I miss the place. I still don’t get the rationality of demolishing the building cause of not strong anymore.

  5. ika
    April 3rd, 2010 at 1:39 pm


    In the picture there is a sign for Music City. Was that where you bought your LPs?

  6. Othman
    April 5th, 2010 at 4:34 am

    Yes, that’s the shop. That was where I bought Bee Gees record album and other record album which were under Life Record.

  7. Allan
    April 5th, 2010 at 2:43 pm

    Bought a few records there - the Quests, Teddy Robins and Playboys (HK group) and of course Ipohs Fabulous Falcons “Midnight Express” single.
    I used to dream of getting those fake airlines (BOAC) bags.

  8. ika
    April 5th, 2010 at 4:23 pm


    Do you still have the Fabulous Falcons EP? I would love to put a recording of it on our site. I am sure Joe Chin and the others would be delighted.

    You can find the story of the Falcons on our database archive at at

  9. J2Kfm (Malaysian Food Blog)
    April 6th, 2010 at 3:12 pm

    Yes, this was where we got our uniforms and bags back in those days.

  10. admin
    April 7th, 2010 at 1:06 am

    Hi J2Kfm,

    Glad you found your way here. Do support us like the way I support your wonderful food blog.

  11. Allan
    April 7th, 2010 at 2:31 pm


    Unfortunately, I went overseas in 1969 and when I returned in 1980, all my records have disappeared. The only one I have are cds of the Quest which I bouth last year. I’m now living overseas, and was quite sad to see Ipoh (was there last year) town crumbling - at least old town where I was living. I thought I managed to hear the Fabulous Falcons (one song at least here:

  12. Allan
    April 7th, 2010 at 2:33 pm


    Oh yes try this link

  13. felicia
    April 8th, 2010 at 4:32 am

    Ipohgal, sadly some of those buildings you mentioned are either ‘in pieces’ or have already been demolished…..
    it’s sad, but that’s what happens when people have “no regard for heritage”

  14. ipohgal
    April 9th, 2010 at 8:51 am

    This is another familiar sight for me.I used to walk past this place whenever I went to Cowan Street and Jalan Leong Sin Nam for tuition.What a pity it was torn down.The problem with the authorities is that they have very little regards for buildings with colonial flavour.Hope they will not touch those in the old town area which make Ipoh so special.

  15. ika
    April 13th, 2010 at 5:43 am

    Mohd Fadli Mohd Shariff wrote on our Facebook wall: “bazar bulat… the place i bought my rubber soccer shoe… ha3…”

    Restaurants, Sports items, LP Records, Scout’s Uniforms, School Bags, fake airline bags, rubber soccer shoes. Is there anything this place did not sell?

    By the way, Allan, I followed the link you suggested but the music is not a patch on their “Midnight Express” I heard once. If anyone has that single from the Falcons we would love to borrow/buy it.

  16. Azlan Zaaiya
    April 14th, 2010 at 9:46 am

    There was a jamming studio on the 1st floor which played a role in producing 80’s malay rock bands from Ipoh. You must have been there if you are a rocker in those days.

  17. felicia
    April 15th, 2010 at 12:22 am

    a jamming studio? really?? cool!!! sigh, if only I’d ‘discovered’ it before the bazaar ‘disappeared’……..

  18. Allan
    April 15th, 2010 at 2:48 pm

    The song on You Tube had Thomas Ham(?) on guitar, as the original guitarist (nicknamed no 13 in Chinese was a much better guitarist) decided to be the drummer not long after Midnight Express was released. If I could remember they abandoned their Fender guitars for Mosrite guitars.
    I remember going to the Jubilee Park nearby to listen to the bands playing - its a joget dance hall on the right as you enter Jubilee Park. Still remember a v good bass guitarist playing there with some saxaphone player - around 1964-1965.

  19. felicia
    April 16th, 2010 at 12:09 am

    Hi Allan. You wouldn’t happen to have pics of that band at Jubilee Park, would you? ;-)

  20. Allan
    April 16th, 2010 at 2:21 pm


    Heavens no - I was in Form 2/3 at that time - no proper camera and at night as well. We were just kids standing on the outside of the dance hall - it was just closed off by some railings.

  21. Phoebe
    September 4th, 2010 at 10:00 pm

    Hi, All.

    In the good old days, the locals used to refer to the Yau Tet Shin bazaar as either “Barg Gog Teng Si Cheong” (Cantonese meaning ‘octagonal station market’), “Barg Gog Lau”, or simply “Barg Gog Teng”.

    Literally translated, “barg gog” means ‘eight-sided’ or ‘octagonal’. “Teng” is ’station’. “Si Cheong” is ‘market’.

    My late sister worked at the Music City Record Shop in the 70s.

  22. Iqbal
    October 3rd, 2010 at 9:25 am

    Oh yes, Bazar Bulat as what we called it, it was here I bought my first pair of football boots, an Adidas Inter and my ever loved boots, The Puma Maradona 10, I learned to pot snooker here, and yes the SYJ Jamming studio was located here, hehe…Bazar Bulat…why la the brought it down for a car park instead, why?

  23. Katherine Wong
    October 4th, 2010 at 3:04 pm

    I remembered my mom bought school uniforms for us from that place. There were Tambun pomaloes, Menglembu ground nuts and other titbits of food selling there.
    Many tourists buses and outstation buses stopped there for shopping spree. It was once a popular tourist spot for shopping in Ipoh.

  24. Ally
    October 6th, 2010 at 10:47 pm

    I am an Ipoh boy and left Ipoh in 1969 and have resided overseas till now. Sad that the [lace is in a mess. Reallhad fond memories of Ipoh. Sorry Allan but Thomas Ham plays rythmn guitar and not Lead. I thing you mean Joe Chin. Also I remember the band Herman Kong and the Evergreens dubbed as the Herman Hermits of Ipoh

  25. S.Y. Lee
    October 9th, 2010 at 2:08 pm

    It is a pity that they demolished the Yau Tet Shin Market [I don't think it was known as the "bazaar"]. At that time there was talk of having another building there. Today it is used as a car park. I remember the restaurant Chow Kee was there.

  26. Darren Leong
    November 25th, 2010 at 10:24 pm

    Round Market!
    Fond memories of the place =) Used to get everything a kid needs from there XD

    I was there too on the night it caught fire about 12yrs ago. It was deemed unsafe since then. Would still been around today if it weren’t for the fire i think.

    @Felicia: Some of the traders moved to the shop lots along Jalan Sultan Iskandar but most of them packed up.

    @Azlan Zaaiya: There’s Scissors Studio just across from the site opened by a guy named Syed. His dad and uncles were part of that prime 80’s era and the legacy lives on =)

Monday, February 21, 2011

Site Visit _ Kolej Sains Bersekutu, Ulu Kinta, Perak (Part1)

Syukur Alhamdullilah, Hari ini dpt sekali lagi kita mengadakan satu lagi site visit khusus utk pelajar2 (sem akhir) yg meminati bidang Architecture. Sebelum itu ingin sy memetik kata2 seorg sahabat (Arkitek Asrol) kpd sy (sewktu sy praktikal di SDP tidak lama dulu) “Jika kamu nak belajar banyak..pergilah ke TAPAK”. Pergi ke tapak bukan utk diajar atau sekadar utk bergambar tetapi utk BELAJAR.. Apabila ingin belajar sifat INGIN itu perlu wujud.. sifat ingin tahu,ingin AMBIL TAHU..ingin bertanya sebab anda tidak tahu..tanyalah walaupun ia soalan bodoh. Jika tidak bertanya? (anda berpuas hati utk kekal bodoh di dlm diam). Tiada siapa yg ingin bersusah payah utk memahamkan anda, melainkan anda sendiri yg perlu bersusah payah utk memahamkan diri sendiri.

1. Projek ini merupakan sejenis projek Design & Build kontraktor adalah boss kpd arkitek, Rujuk Pensyarah2 Amalan utk penerangan selanjutnya). Dibina di atas tapak berkeluasan 41.4 ekar. Nilai projek adalah RM 366 juta. Mula pembinaan pd 26.10.2007 tempoh kontrak adalah 40 bln, DLP 24 bln. Jangkaan siap sepenuhnya pd bln 5.2011. Status skrg ialah 97%. Antara kelainan projek ini- tiada VO (variation order), mengapa?

2. Walaupun projek ini bertaraf ‘Projek Mega’ tetapi pasukan consultant/juruperunding2 kurang dikenali. Kenapakah? Kebiasaan skala pembayaran kpd arkitek dibuat mengikut MOA (Memorandum of Agreement) dan ditentukan mengikut Scale of Min Fees (Architect Rules 1986) tetapi dlm SITUASI SEBENAR, perkara tersebut tidak selalunya berlaku sedemikian. Ada kalanya ia dibuat mengikut Scale of Political Fees (oops... Ats sebab2 tertentu kenyataan ini tidak boleh dihuraikan, ia juga tidak dibolehkan dijadikan jawapan untuk mana2 peperiksaan termasuklah Peperiksaan Profesional Arkitek (Part 3)LAM.

3. Terlalu banyak yg dapat dipelajari melalui projek ini (sekiranya anda byk bertanya). Antaranya ialah Dewan Serbaguna yg dpt menampung sehingga 3000 pax. Teknologi terkini ‘state-of-the art’ digunakan (anda dpt merasainya apabila berada di dlm dewan)..Bayangkanlah dewan ini digunakan utk konvokesyen anda.. (emm.. anda lah yg paling hebat di dunia wktu itu). Menurut RA (En Azamal) Dewan ini shj berharga sekitar RM 25 juta. Adakah anda perasaan bagaimana design sirkulasinya dibuat. Sebelum memasuki dewan anda merasai ruang foyer & lobby yg ‘triple & double volume space’. Penggunaan kerangka besi beam (nampak spt space frame), menurut RA, struktur2 besi itu oversize. Lebih besar dari saiz sebenar yg dicadangkan arkitek. Fasad luar (dinding coklat spt dinding Muzium Negara) Ribbon Window dan tiang2 struktur kecil(pilotis) pada bahagian sisi kelihatan spt gaya bangunan Villa Savoye, Le Corbusier. Juga kawasan plaza utk bergambar( sekiranya disitu tempat konvokesyen..alangkah indahnya..!!)

4. Rekabentuk bangunan ini spt bangunan2 baru sekarang kebanyakkan bersifatkan ‘Modern-Contemporary’ Ruang2 banyak bermain dengan ‘solid & void’ ada sudut-susut yg ‘being projected to outside or recessed to inside’, banyak corner window, coping, groove lines, sprayed paint finishes, sinki2 (tiada bowl) spt ala-ala tempat basuhan kain dgn bahan HDF (high density fibre), tangga sebahagian drpd permainan ruang sirkulasi. Ada tangga yg tergantung (cantilevered) tetapi saiz (tebalnya) bertambah sehingga 400mm( biasa 100mm).

5. Ingat ruang Dewan Kuliah (yg menampung 250pax).(klulah dewan spt itu ada politeknik..confirm tiduzzz). Berapa laluan sirkulasi /alley yg ada? 4 di dlm, 2 diluar dewan Berapa pintu (utk kecemasan, mean of egress?) 6 semuanya. Biasa kalau kita buat 2 shj, itupun swing ke dlm(X).

6. Lawatan ditamatkan pd pukul 2 ptg. Kami lunch bersama consultants hingga 3.30 ptg. Tiba di PUO jam 4.00ptg. Terlalu banyak utk 1 hari.. di tapak. Justeru, pihak kontraktor & consultants ‘ berbesar hati’ utk menerima kunjungan kita buat kali ke2 (tarikh yg dicadang 26/3 –mlmnya ada konsert utk T&C (testing & commissioning) dewan serbaguna. Lupa nak dikaborkan RA~En Azamal, PM- Ir Azman, dan berberapa engineer lg adalah ex-students PUO. Jadi..(sebab itulah mereka terlalu excited menerima kunjungan kita..) (enAzamal kenslm utk Pn. Norsham & Hj. Zaha)

7. Dicadangkan sekali lagi utk site visit (one-whole-day) (Bahagian ke2) di tapak. Siapa berminat??

Behold, the First Production Games!

Salam SEM06,

The name of the game is
Design Production.

Building Forms, Space Layouts,
Technicalities and Construction.

Structures, Ergonomics,
Services and Graphic Communication.

is a player,

everyone is

Everyone must learn,
understand and be

There are no lone heroes,
only group champions.

There are no unlucky victims,
only caring companions.

Play well
and be victorious,

Play badly
and be inglorious.

Best of luck
and don't give in.

Try your best,
and you may win.

let the Production Games begin!


p.s. Sorry, bad poem - good intentions : )

Friday, February 18, 2011

Sonata Cahaya Bulan

Salam Sem06,

OK Take Five Kejap! Renungan sambil rehat2:

Musik ciptaan beliau di anggap antara susunan melodi yang paling menarik di dunia. Beliau pernah menulis melodi-melodi untuk Mahajara2 dan orang2 kenamaan di Eropah dan dianggap antara pencipta muzik klasikal yang mahsyur. Di lahirkan di Germany dalam abad yang ke 18. Beliau adalah antara pengubal musik romantic yang pertama. Walau musiknya indah dan bergelora beliau mempunyai karakter yang susah untuk didampingi. Beliau cepat marah dan suka maki hamun orang termasuk kawan2 rapatnya. Antara ciptaan2nya yang popular adalah Sonata Cahaya Bulan atau Moonlight Sonata, (dengar di sini - Muzik ini amat mententeramkan tetapi pada waktu yang sama ia penuh misteri, seram dan sedih.

Orang yang saya maksudkan adalah Beethoven (sebut Be-to-ven) atau nama penuhnya Ludwig Van Beethoven. Apa yang istimewa mengenai manusia pencipta muzik ini adalah kebanyakkan muzik yang diciptanya itu di hasilkan semasa beliau sudah mengidap penyakit “Tinnitus”, sejenis penyakit yang menyebabkan pesakitnya menjadi PEKAK (Stone Deaf).

Yes!, Kebanyakan ciptaanya dicipta semasa beliau tidak dapat mendengar satu bentuk bunyi sekali pun. Selama 30 tahun beliau mencipta banyak muzik2 yang memberangsangkan tanpa dapat mendengar hasilnya.

Pendapat dari anda?


(Gambar diatas adalah dari filem Immortal Beloved - Kisah Hidup Beethoven)


Feedback from SDP~ CRIT 3

Terima Kasih kepada firma Studioplan Design Partnership yg telah membantu melancarkan proses P&P Studio Senibina Sem 6 pada hari ini.
Sekiranya diambil/dicatatkan 10 point daripada setiap arkitek ( YM. Ar Raja, Arkitek Mior SB, Arkitek Jai, Arkitek Rais dan Pemb. Arkitek Megat). Kita akan beroleh 50 perkara baru yg dapat kita pelajari pada hari ini.

Komen dari sy:
1) Apabila design dibangunkan mengikut grid; bangunan anda kelihatan terlalu ‘rigid’ dan kekotakkan. Banyakkan rujukan, lihat bagaimana bangunan2 yg anda minati & bagaimana aturan grid bagunan tersebut dibina/ditunjukkan. Design with Grids but break the box.
2) Setiap apa yg anda kaji/ cadangkan. Pls don’t take it too simple. Do some studies. Find some examples. (Contoh anda mencadangkan ruang pentas, jangan lukis seperti pelan pentas Dewan Jubli/ Dewan Sri Kinta yg anda tahu. Dapatkan lebih banyak kajian rujukan (berpandukan Archietect’s Data atau apa2 saja) tengok pada persamaan/ perbezaan ruang2 tersebut dengan ruang pada bangunan anda.
3) Sebenarnya utk menjimat & menyelamatkan kerja. anda perlu ada rujukan yg tepat. (Contoh apabila melukis tangga pada aras 2.. tiba2 anda x pasti tentang kedudukan/ bukaan pintu. Cari/ dapatkan/ tengok pada contoh2 yg bersesuaian dan akhirnya dapatkan kepastian daripada UBBL/ guideline for Fire Protection/ Local Authority dsb. Ingat setiap LINEyang anda buat/ lukis memberikan maksud kepada tahap pengetahuan teknikal anda.

Last but not least. Hope you guys ENJOYed.. & don’t forget to bring the JOY into the design.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Lawatan SDP pada 18 Februari 2011

Salam DSB6,

Kita amat bertuah apabila menerima kehadiran 4 orang arkitek dari SDP untuk sesi pembentangan pada hari Jumaat 18 Februari 2011. Adakah kita bersedia? Berapa banyak rujukan yang telah kita buat? Adakah kita bekerjasama untuk memastikan hasil kerja kumpulan kita adalah yang terbaik? . Ambil peluang keemasan ini, buka minda, lapangkan dada, agar kita dapat belajar daripada mereka yang berpengalaman.

p/s: Mungkin kita sudah bosan mendengar pensyarah berulang kali menyebut UBBL (Uniform Building By Laws) tapi, kita tidak keseorangan.....kerana kita perlu merujuk UBBL berkali-kali sehingga bosan???

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Check Point; ARCH vs ID (part2)

Lewat ptg Rabu, sy berkesempatan berbincang dgn arkitek2 di SDP, sebuah firma arkitek yg bukan lagi asing kpd kita...Antara kelainan P&P pada sem ini, sy merasakan kita (semester 6) di PUO amatlah bertuah kerana kita mempunyai rakan kolaborasi akademik (yg sedia membantu tanpa mengira masa, penat & wang ringgit). Harus diingat, hanya kita di PUO satu2nya institusi pengajian Senibina di seluruh politeknik yg mempunyai hubungan(dgn industri) seperti ini.
Kesempatan sy berbincang dgn Arkitek Asrol dan Arkitek Jai telah menimbulkan perbagai perkara pro & kontra dengan sistem studio yg kita amalkan pd sem ini.
Objektif utama: untuk menempatkan anda ke alam pekerjaan (bidang Senibina). Tugas & keperluan kerja sentiasa berubah (ke arah penambahbaikan) seiring dgn perubahan masa, kemajuan sains & teknologi.

Apabila bidang2 tugas telah diperkecilkan, di sini nampak seolah-olah anda telah dilarikan drpd proses pengajian Architecture kpd Interior Design (ID).Proses architecture yg biasa adalah designs, plans, sections, elevations dan 3D ( dijalankan secara individu) tetapi disini semuanya dikongsi di dlm kump dan diperincikan hingga ke peringkat ID ( apabila melibat detailing dan ruang2 dlman).
Benar, anda membuat ID, tetapi anda tidak membuat ID hingga ke peringkat membuat perincian perabot ( furniture design). Anda membuat perincian ruang (dgn perabot tetap/ fixed) (kajian ergo & anthropo), struktur & pembinaan dan keperluan UBBL, Bomba dan lain-lain.

Ironinya, walaupun skop ini lebih kpd ID, Namun diakui oleh Arkitek Jai semua ini merupakan keperluan/ skill yg perlu ada pada seorg TA utk membuat detailing/ loaded drawing semasa proses construction drawing. Tiada dinafikan skill utk merekabentuk perlu kpd seorang designer, tapi rata-ratanya di firma arkitek, tugas merekabentuk (design idea) dikendalikan oleh principal/ design architect. Seorang TA yg berpengalaman (5-6 tahun) mungkin diberikan kebenaran oleh principal utk turut melibatkan diri di dalam proses penentuan rekabentuk (design’s decision).
KESIMPULAN: Lengkapkan diri anda dgn penelitian teknikal, satu hari besok anda pasti menjadi seorang designer & kemudiannya menjadi seorang arkitek (yg berteknikal).

Check Point; ARCH vs ID (part1)

Pada petang Isnin, kami pensyarah2 (kecuali Cik Liyana yg bercuti) telah bermesyuarat/ bermuhasabah berbincang tentang situasi/prestasi P&P Senireka IV utk sem ini. 3 kaedah dicadangkan dlm mesyuarat tersebut :
a) Pelajar-pelajar menyambung projek secara individu
b) Pelajar-pelajar dalam 1 kump. Dipecahkan kepada 2 kump ( 1kump 5/ 6 org ahli)
c) Pelajar-pelajar kekal dlm kump yg sama, tapi dipecahkan topik-topik. Setiap org buat semua perkara tapi dalam skala yg kecil/detail.
Keputusan mesy. Kami (majoriti) telah memilih utk (kekal) dgn kaedah C (tetapi dgn pindaan). Semua org akan terlibat dgn semua stage kerja, tetapi dgn skala yg lebih kecil atau terperinci. (Rujuk penjelasan kerja oleh DrN.)
Bayangkan sebuah rumah, seorg ditugaskan utk design bilik tidur, seorg design bilik tetamu, kitchen, toilet, hall dll. Tapi itu hanyalah sebuah rumah. Tugas kita skrg ialah merupakan sebuah bangunan kompleks berskala sederhana besar.

Jika seorang itu ditugaskan utk merekabentuk ‘bilik tayangan multimedia’. Dia harus tahu/ perlu menyelesaikan masalah :-
a) Kaedah susunan kerusi (Berapa cara susunan? Rujukan?)
b) Kaedah manakah yg terbaik? (pengkajian tentang view pointing, ketinggian lantai/ siling/ keluasan/saiz bilik)
c) Pergerakan keluar pengguna (mean of egress per minute)
d) Kehendak-kehendak Bomba, UBBL & services pada ruang tersebut (dead end, sprinkler,riser signages)& air-cond system
e) Perhubungan ruang tersebut dgn ruang2 lain (spatial relationship)
f) Perhubungan ruang tersebut dengan ruang transitional (contoh; courtyard, atrium) dan sirkulasi luaran.
g) Pengkajian tentang akustik (acoustic devices/ panel/ ceiling), kualiti pengcahayaan (nilai lux, susunan lampu, jenis lampu) dan sistem AV
h) Interior deisgn (ID) utk cadangan kemasan lantai, dinding dan siling
i) Pelan lantai + keratan (kualiti ruang, struktur dan pembinaan) dan speksifikasi
j) Special design ~keperluan utk pengguna berkeluarga, kanak-kanak dan OKU (anthropometric & ergonomic)

Production Phase and some Changes

Salam Sem06,

Here are some changes to Production Phase:

Due to certain problem that we encounter in the programme phase, we will be changing the rules of engagement - for the entire Production Phase everyone in the group MUST be a Researcher, Designer, Visualizer and Modeler for a small portion of the entire design. Focus on technical ability.


LD: The main person in charge of the entire look and feel of the design. He/she keeps the whole design intact as one. He is responsible to create the basic plan layout with grids. His research must be appropriate with his task. He/she must work with all team members to discuss and adjust the design accordingly.

ALD: The Form and Facade/elevation designer, he has to design several facades and forms of the building and propose it to the group. His research must be appropriate with his task.

Team member 3: Lobby and main entrance design (example) - "katakan anda akan merekabentuk lobby bagi sebuah hotel. Buat research secukupnya mengenai jenis, susunatur, bahan, rekabentuk, pencayahaan, teknologi hijau dll. dalam rekabentuk lobby hotel. Pasti anda tahu banyak perkara teknikal mengenai lobby design..Sediakan cadangan2 lobby berasaskan jenis/tema hotel. Sediakan lukisan2 dan beberapa pandangan perspektif untuk di tunjuk pada jumaat ini."

Team member 4: Restaurant design (example)

Team member5: Parking design & loading (example)

Team member 6: Services design 1 (example)

Team member 7: Management area design (example)

Team member 8: Green Atrium design (example)

Team member 9: Performance Area\ design (example)

Team member 10: Recreational Area design (example)

All members of the firm must be able to do their own research, design and presentation requirements. All these work must be overseen by the LD and ALD. Each design must be complete with all relevant info each student MUST know ALL relevant knowledge pertaining to that section.

This Friday we want to see the following:

Workable Plans (2 or 3 examples)

Final SOA with size etc

Workable Grids


Perspective sketches.