Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Melaka...Here We Come..!!!

Asalam & selam sejahtera Sem6 Dis 2011,

hari ini merupakan hari yang agak padat di studio...

anda semua telah dibahagikan kepada kumpulan yang akan membentuk The Firm, menyediakan ruang utk firm masing2, diberi taklimat tentang projek 2 C5328 Design 4 dan juga sedikit input berkenaan urban elements yang akan digunapakai dalam proses rekabentuk. Dan saya pasti ada antara anda yang mungkin tidak dapat catch up dengan agenda yang berjalan pagi tadi.(sebab ramai yang nampak mengantuk..)

Nevermind, lets refresh our mind on what need to be done in near future...
1st - setup firm's organization ( name/logo/mission/vision etc)
2nd - each firm need to do case study on museums,space planning,maritime etc as discussed.
3rd - each firm need to look into the 7 urban elements discussed during input session.
4th - prepare youself for study trip to Melaka (the event you guys waiting for) - dont forget the camera!!

these are the things which need to be considered by you guys.personally myself,Cik Fatimah and Cik Sue are quite excited to see your progress in this project.
sepertimana yang diterangkan dalam sesi briefing pagi tadi,projek 2 adalah projek selaras bagi Sem 6 DSB Politeknik iaitu Cadangan Pembangunan Kompleks Pelancongan Klebang Melaka terdiri dari muzium kapal selam,replika kapal Cheng Ho dan Kapal mendam Berahi (tak salah saya) dan sebagainya.projek ini akan dipertandingkan di antara politeknik yang terlibat (Psis/PMM/Puo).

My advise : be prepare to do extraordinary things for your firm and project. Aim high and try to reach for the stars!! tinggalkan sementara kawan/famili/bff/bf/gf (tak lama...3 bulan je) untuk concentrate your final project. kalau you guys put your minds & efforts together kami yakin you all can do the best...

Probably someone should try google where exactly is our site ( tip: pantai klebang melaka). sapa2 yang dapat boleh print and bring along during our visit.

comments from you guys are most welcomed.

p/s : jam saya masih lagi rosak....

Thursday, January 19, 2012

WELCOME SEM6A DIS 2011!!! better late than never ...

greetings sem6A,
its been quite a while since we update our blog.this was due to some issues on deciding on your project for this semester.nevertheless, it has been resolved and we shall deal with some interesting tasks for you guys.
1st of all, i believe you all have introduced to the studio lecturers for this semester.Myself,Cik Sue and Cik Fatimahwati will guide and facilitate your class.Cik Sue gave an overall view on Design 4 and the projects which we will undertake. We hope you all understand all the tasks and prepare to get down and dirty with it.(??!!...)

we started off with a quick pretest on construction and technical and what a surprise we've got!!
out of 35 students only 2 were managed to perform to the standard we've looking for.But do not worry....we shall give proper guidance and hopefully you guys shall rise to the occasion.this is the time you will learn and do not afraid to make mistakes because making mistakes will make you learn...

by now you all probably know that Cik Sue is preparing for a trip for you be nice to her and make sure you all come early to studio every morning,ok...?

see you on the next entry!!!