Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Day with SDP - Persuasion Stage 05032012

Asalam Sem6,
hopefully you guys obtained some valuable comments and informations from last monday's session with SDP.It was always good for us to hear opinions from the industry where they can relate from their own experiences and are some general comments from the event:
1. Several masterplans are acceptable but need to refine & upgrade.
2. Bubble diagrams did not show good relationship between spaces - important!!
3. proposed spaces need to be more defined - do not satisfy with general spaces only.
4. ensure spaces are 'workable' & able to function well accordingly.
5. proposed additional design features need to do more research & study.
ok...lets plan our work for the following week.As mentioned, next stage you all should work in scaled design drawings (some firms has already started) and revise your main design according to comments from SDP and lecturers. Then LD must delegate works among members and start to prepare detail design for each areas/spaces.
Also, by next week you all should start looking into TOPICAL STUDY where you must do research on technical side of design. Pick a category relevant to your space and spend some time to work category on your design.LD must also monitor progress of each members and ensure everybody can perform accordingly.
all the best....any questions??


  1. encik..kalau requirement bomba boleh buat topical study dak???

  2. sori ashraf lambat bercuti...

    ok...bomba requirement tk sesuai jd topical study sbb ianya memang kehendak yang perlu ada...nnati awak tkde ruang untuk explore design...