Sunday, February 19, 2012

2 PASS or not 2 PASS, that is the question?

Salam Sem 06,

Apa Khabar semua?

Hope everyone is enjoying their studio classes. I understand SDP is still around to help out with your mental training. TQ to them and hope all of you use this opportunity to the max. The industries POV is extremely Important, learn from them. The museum project sounds Interesting and challenging, all the best with the competition and may the winners be from PUO!

I was reading the last post by EnYusri, interesting, let ask all of you a question and I do hope you will answer it honestly, no strings attached:

Which is more important to you as final year students, to pass the programme or to learn via exploration?

"Yang mana lebih diutamakan, sekadar lulus atau menimba ilmu melalui penerokaan"

Watching out for you always,



  1. pastilah menimba ilmu.... tapi lulus itu juga adalah penting....untuk step seterusnya...

  2. apa yang terbaik kami akan usahakan..usaha untuk mendapat ilmu yang sedalam munkin disamping lulus untuk peringkat seterusnya..
    sekian terima kasih DR.nana..

  3. learnt via exploration = dapat lulus secara matang dgn ilmu & pengalaman di dada...

    kalau sekadar nak lulus cukup2 makan = rugikan masa tenaga & wang ringgit...

    just my 2 cents...sekadar pendapat seorg bekas pelajar architecture..;)