Friday, February 10, 2012

Melaka Urban Study Videography - Superb Effort!!!

asalam sem6,
on wednesday 1 Feb 12 we all watched 7 videography on urban elements and it was very entertaining. you guys did a VERY good job in composing a interesting video.Unfortunately i tried to upload one video but failed (maybe too large)..
Overall, we were satisfied with your effort.hopefully you all could understand better about urban study based on the video.By using video/movie,it make it easier to explain our result/research/data to an audience. In general below are some comments from us:
Good storyline with nice effects - made your video look profesional
too much relying on video-no other references - only 1 group did a layout plan which better explained - other just show video & statement only.
interview - 1 group did interview 1 tourist - excellent!! this show that you have confidence
we believed you guys had fun doing the task as we enjoyed watching it. hopefully you can improve more in the stage -THE MASTERPLAN & BDI

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