Wednesday, February 15, 2012

CengkeRang Phobia & a Day with SDP

assalam Sem6,
A very tiring day last saturday 11 Feb 2012 when all firms presented their masterplan 5 BDI.A good effort from you guys but STILL the results were not-very-satisfying FOR GROUP OF 5 student.
Overall i personallly believed that you guys still do not work as a team YET. Most masterplans presented seems 'undercooked' and the BDIs were done not in fully-hearted manner.MAJORITY OF BDI USED 'CENGKERANG/SEASHELL' as a metaphor with the image of a museum look like a GIANT KERANG or TERUMBU KARANG!!! <---- become a phobia to me!!!!
it was totally opposite from my design input regarding 'how to generate ideas' which i stress on the ESSENCES of idea for building design NOT direct translation of an idea (remember the 'Ikan' & 'Picnic basket' building?)...
As mentioned, you should 'digest' your mind with ideas which are fresh and new and combine it with a good research and study. Remember...let your mind wander on potential ideas and use your senses to develop it. Dont stop thinking....ask yourself questions about the idea and try to find solution for it.
last monday 13 feb 2012 we had a very interesting session where Studioplan Design Partnership (SDP) came to the studio and gave some valuable advise and comments. To me,it was a good 'eye-opener' moments when AR Raja Azman, En Mior, En Kama, En Rais & En Jai gave their thoughts and views during the masterplan & BDI presentation. You listened to comments from another perspective, he INDUSTRY point of view which were very inspiring.
It was not surprising when SDP commented on the selected BDI which is believed is not very strong. They also threw some questions that are to me has good points regarding the idea.You guys are lucky as we are still in the early stage of design and there are some time to consider your BDI.....
Just like what AR Raja Azman said; "...if you want to fail..., FAIL in style..." meaning dont be sorry or sad when you have great ideas but failed the subject, at least you have tried something different rather than you playsafe and gave an average effort just to passed the subject.
In my words, better to fail with efforts on boombastic ideas and extravaganza conceptual rahter than fail because of incomplete work or late submission....AT LEAST YOU FAIL WITH PRIDE!!!
enjoy your mid term break and see you again with new energetic spirit.......


  1. work harder guys.. (^^, every great design comes along with stressful,pain and hardship.. make it all worth it

  2. Salam sem 06,

    Hi Nurul, How are you? Hope life after Sem06 is advantageous. What are you doing now?

    Yes, they are right on all accounts, try to leap beyond your safety zone. But make it practical as well, it's a difficult balance but one you have to learn. If not you will never take risks and learn more of your potential.

    Question to all sem06: What is the purpose pursuing a programme at An institution; to pass or to learn? I wonder

    Take Care


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